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Welcome to my captivating Interactive Author Visit! As a children's book author, I am thrilled to share the magic of storytelling and yoga with your young audience.ย 

During the visit, we embark on an enchanting journey through my Happy Yogis yoga-themed book, where kids will not only repeating the affirmations that are in the book but also actively pair each affirmation with a yoga pose, we will also do mindfulness exercises, and meditation.

Through these interactive activities, children will experience the joy of movement, learn valuable mindfulness techniques, and cultivate a sense of inner calm. We'll explore the power of imagination while having fun and building emotional intelligence.

Additionally, I'll share the fascinating process of writing a book and becoming an author. Your young audience will be inspired to nurture their creativity and storytelling skills, igniting a passion for reading and writing.
This author visit is more than just a storytelling session; it's an empowering and enriching experience that fosters a love for literature, yoga, and self-expression.

Let's create lasting memories as we embark on this magical journey together, weaving the wonders of yoga, mindfulness, and storytelling into a tapestry of imagination and joy. Join me for an unforgettable and transformative Interactive Author Visit that will leave children inspired and eager to explore the world through books and their own creative endeavors.

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