About   Dr. Sandy Zanella

Introducing Dr. Sandy Zanella, a highly accomplished professional driven by her dedication as a mother, her profound expertise as a compassionate physician focused on mental health, and her roles as a mindfulness coach, women’s holistic coach, and trauma-informed family yoga teacher.

Prepare to be inspired by her impactful work as the author and creator of the award-winning Happy Yogis book, a colorful pose-by-pose yoga book, with uplifting affirmations, inspired by her own children.

| Journey |

Dr. Zanella's transformative journey began during her time at the prestigious Brain Research Institute in UCLA, where her passion for a holistic approach to mental health took root.

Now, she brings high-quality, scientifically-backed sessions, workshops, conferences, and special events for both adults and children.

| Mission |

Dr. Zanella is on a mission to create a kind and compassionate world, where people not only care for themselves but also uplift others.

She wishes to empower families, facilitating a life-transforming experience that enables them to unlock their full potential and embrace their authentic selves.

| Children |

Dr. Zanella passionately strives to cultivate children's confidence, instilling a deep sense of self-love and kindness.

She adeptly equips them with invaluable tools to navigate life's challenges and develop gentle emotional regulation.

| Motherhood |

She guides mothers in cultivating their own mindfulness practices, empowering them to connect with themselves and respond thoughtfully rather than reactively to their child's needs, fostering a more enjoyable and fulfilling motherhood journey.

| Transformative Power |

Through the power of mindfulness, yoga, and the strength of community support, Dr. Zanella propels individuals toward a brighter future, offering a transformative path of personal growth and well-being.

Get ready to dive into an extraordinary adventure with Dr. Sandy Zanella! She's here to be your guide as you tap into your true potential, unlocking a world of well-being and fulfillment like you've never experienced before.

Buckle up and get ready for an epic ride of self-discovery and joy!

| Contact |

For inquiries and bookings, reach out to Dr. Sandy Zanella at 

Email:  [email protected]

Phone (UAE) +971-52-916-4079 US +1-310-866-7160

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