Mindfulness and Movement Sessions

In these sessions, I combine mindfulness practices with gentle movement exercises to create a holistic approach to employee wellness.

By incorporating mindfulness, employees gain enhanced focus and mental clarity, leading to improved decision-making and problem-solving skills. The practice of mindfulness also helps reduce stress levels, increasing resilience in the face of challenges and fostering a positive work environment.

My carefully crafted movement exercises target the physical well-being of employees, alleviating tension and promoting flexibility. Regular movement sessions can reduce the risk of common workplace ailments, such as back pain and stiffness, ensuring a healthier and more active workforce.

Moreover, these sessions encourage team bonding and foster a sense of community within the corporate setting. By engaging in mindfulness and movement together, employees create a supportive and collaborative atmosphere, boosting morale and camaraderie.

As a result, companies benefit from increased employee satisfaction, reduced absenteeism, and improved overall performance.
Our Mindfulness and Movement sessions are an investment in the well-being and success of your team, leading to a more balanced and productive work environment. Empower your employees with these transformative practices, and watch your organization thrive.

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Single Class

1h mindful movement sessionĀ AED 1100 up to 10 participants

AED 55 additional person orĀ 

AED 2600Ā unlimited attendees

Class packagesĀ 

5Ā sessionsn 10% discount

10 sessions 15% discount

Contact us to book and check availability

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